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Bosch Manufacturing Solutions

Measurement and Testing

Product quality and process reliability thanks to state-of-the-art measuring and testing technology

Measurement and Testing

Process reliability and product quality thanks to state-of-the-art measuring and testing technology

Measuring and testing ensures quality and is a prerequisite for the exact adjustment of products. From product development to series production to failure tests - with our solutions we enable precise product and quality assessment as well as the adjustment of your products to the desired target values. Intelligent data processing ensures closed control loops and thus efficient and optimized production processes. In this way, you sustainably ensure the quality of your products and the satisfaction of your customers.

Benefits at a glance


thanks to intelligent data analysis and quality-controlled optimization of manufacturing and production processes

Flexible and fast

development and implementation of test systems by simultaneous engineering and modernst laboratories

Local and fast support

by worldwide on-site located expert teams

Bosch Manufactruring Solutions Measuremnt and Testing Technology

Our portfolio

From consulting and training to feasibility studies and pre-testing of individual tests to series testing - we develop and build turnkey test systems with proven test processes and test sequences according to the respective product life cycle phase:

  • for use in the development phase, highly flexible with manual handling
  • for use in series production, automated and highly productive with optimized cycle time
  • for failure tests, endurance stable with long-term data recording and suitable safety technology

Our Technologies

Gas- und Leakage Testing

Pneumatic / Gas- and Leakage Testing

Intelligent and clever gas and leakage test technology for the highest product quality

Gas and leak testing is a non-destructive quality monitoring of products. For this purpose, we offer intelligent testing technology to meet your and your customers' quality requirements. We advise you on the selection of the right physical testing method and are your reliable partner for the development, implementation and commissioning of turnkey testing systems worldwide.

gas test  leak test leakage testing
Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Measurement & Testing | Messen & Prüfen

Electrical Testing & Characterization

Electrical Testing & Characterization

With the help of electrical testing, we enable the testing of electrical signals of fuel cells, batteries, sensors, etc. under defined boundary conditions. Thanks to parameterizable test software, we guarantee electrical measurement with the highest accuracy. In addition to standardized testing technology, we also offer customer-specific adaptations. We are also happy to take over the testing of your products.

Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Measurement & Testing | Messen & Prüfen
Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Measurement & Testing | Messen & Prüfen

Hydraulic Testing

Hydraulic Testing

In the field of hydraulic testing, we offer test and calibration stands for hydraulic testing and calibration of products and components. In doing so, we master the handling of different media at highest pressures. Our range of products extends from systems for series testing to development and quality assurance during series production to highly functional testing technology for product development.

Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Measurement & Testing | Messen & Prüfen
Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Measurement & Testing | Messen & Prüfen

Optical Testing

Optical Testing

Smart optical solutions for your demanding tasks in manufacturing processes

Our Machine Vision experts develop, build, and support machines and systems for optical inspection and process control in close cooperation with our nine locations worldwide. Our scalable, adaptive solutions have a high degree of standardization. They can therefore be used in the laboratory, in small series and single part production as well as in production lines with short cycle times. This allows us to get the most use out of each application with the minimum investment needed. A close and trusting partnership with our customers is a matter of course for us.

Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Measurement & Testing | Messen & Prüfen

Some of our Application Areas

Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell

Safety and quality are paramount in the development and production of fuel cells. We support you in ensuring these with the following services:

  • Electrical test benches for cells, components and stacks up to 100% humidity, up to 100% H2 (incl. safety technology)
  • Performance, functional and endurance testing
  • Gas and leak testing
  • Customer specific adaptations
  • Execution of tests as a service

gas test  leak test leakage testing
eDrive Testing


Testing for electrical drives

Universal test systems for testing electric motors, electric axles, gearboxes and powertrains along the entire product life cycle - from development to endurance and end-of-line testing.

Your benefits:

  • High flexibility and short delivery times
  • Easy to adapt to your needs
  • Adaptability to various automation concepts
  • Integrated EMC concept (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Optimized energy consumption and natural frequency build-up
  • Short cycle time, integrated NVH test, long-term stability,
  • Specialized and easy to use software system

electrical Drive Testing
Battery Testing


Battery tests from cells to complete battery

Our battery testing systems for modules and packs are based on over 15 years of experience in battery testing. They can be used for both end-of-line (EOL) and beginning-of-line (BOL) testing. All our systems are modular in design and can be individually combined from individual modules such as voltage measurement, high-voltage testing (HV), charge/discharge, current measurement, resistance measurement (DCIR/ ACIR) or functional tests with CAN communication.

The systems can be supplied both as separate test units and integrated into (partially) automated stations.

Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Battery tests from cells to complete battery