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Digital & Intelligent Solutions

In mechanical and plant engineering, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are considered the most important drivers of growth, efficiency, innovation and productivity. Machines and systems not only communicate with each other, they also control and optimize themselves independently. We support you with process-specific and product-specific software modules and intelligent control loops in the digitalization of your machines and systems for sustainable quality assurance and increased production in optimized manufacturing.

We set standards for digital production

With our Intelligent Production Suite (IP Suite), we offer individual and machine-oriented software applications for optimized and efficient production. The standardized software module kit includes various functionalities from system connection, condition monitoring and analysis to intelligent real-time process optimization in the control loop. The ideal starting point is our IP Suite Starter Kit, which provides the most important basic functions for digitizing your systems. Hardware solutions and Smart Services round out our offering. This is how we help you to secure your long-term competitiveness.

Our Starter Kit - your digitalization boost

For each machine, we offer a perfectly tailored starter kit that provides the most important basic functions for digitizing your systems. Relevant data is processed and visualized in a very short time, providing a quick overview of the status of the systems. By simply configuring the functions, the user decides which data is displayed and who has access to it. Specific data access enables short response times and fast support in case of service or maintenance. Data security is a top priority for us. We use data encryption to protect digital information from unauthorized access, damage or theft throughout its lifecycle.

Your digitalization boost: starter kit for digitizing machines and systems

Overview Starter Kit

Universal Machine Connector (UMC) can run on various operating systems and enables the connection between different controllers and IT systems. Variable values are read out via various protocols and forwarded to higher-level IT systems. UMC is versatile and enables real-time data recording on the target system using additional add-ons. In addition, data can be transmitted bidirectionally, enabling seamless communication between different systems and devices. Connectivity via UMC forms the basis for further BMG modules for data evaluation and enables seamless integration into your existing systems. This allows you to make your processes more efficient and achieve higher productivity.

The Health Report provides a comprehensive view of machine status. A dashboard view displays all relevant machine and system KPIs. Our modern architecture makes it easy to configure the display of notifications and alarms so that important events are not missed. Our data visualization allows you to create pre-defined graphs and reports with a single click. Our application provides reliable data acquisition directly from the machine. We pay special attention to data quality and data structures to ensure standardized results. All relevant data is displayed at a glance, facilitating shift handover. With our modular desktop application, companies can optimize their machine processes and increase efficiency.

Cycle Time Assist records the part cycle of machines and displays it in real time. Cycle time fluctuations are monitored and detected flexibly via open interfaces, enabling cycle time deviations to be checked easily so that countermeasures can be taken at an early stage. Visualization is in real time. Furthermore, Cycle Time Assist is a powerful data source for data-based services.

Cycle Time Analysis provides a detailed comparison of different cycles within a recording. It identifies possible causes for cycle time deviations during the part cycle and facilitates the identification of components that are responsible for an increase or fluctuation in the part cycle. Cycle Time Analysis is the ideal complement to our Cycle Time Assist and enables cycle time optimization. The ease of use and comprehension of the analysis functions is supported by a video function. This allows the user to quickly and easily identify the causes of cycle time deviations and take action to increase productivity.

Process Monitoring provides comprehensive visualization of process parameters to increase transparency and improve product quality. By providing a clear picture of the production process, our system increases process availability and provides a basis for deciding when and with what technical measures to intervene in the process. This allows problems to be solved quickly and effectively, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

In addition to our functionalities, we offer a range of remote services, including remote (pre-)acceptance, ramp-up and commissioning. We support you with hardware and system configuration to keep your production line running smoothly and efficiently.

Using smart glasses and our innovative live video transmission technology, service technicians can be remotely guided by BMG specialists in real time. This enables fast and efficient remote maintenance access in the event of a malfunction or production stoppage, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Benefits at a glance


Increased productivity thanks to optimized machine and system availability


Increased efficiency thanks to optimized processes and high process reliability


Reduced costs thanks to optimized system availability, optimized processes and reduced maintenance costs

Smart Services & Hardware

With the transition to networked and intelligent production, smart services are becoming increasingly important. Relevant production and machine data is centrally collected, harmonized, visualized and evaluated in the shortest possible time. This simplifies maintenance processes and optimizes industrial value chains. We also support you with the right hardware solution. Whether controls, sensors or electronics - you decide, we deliver. Benefit from our own hardware solutions or use a manufacturer of your choice. We offer reliable support with manufacturer-independent hardware for the implementation of your machines and systems.

Go digital - Discover our Smart Services and Hardware Solutions for digitizing your production

Practical Insights: Intelligent Process Optimization

Higher production quality, less scrap and significant cycle time advantages. Our customers benefit from our innovative solutions and gain a decisive advantage through optimized machine and process operation. By applying Intelligent Process Optimization at several points in a high-pressure injection valve production line, our customer has achieved the following successes:

Increase process capability (cpk) from 0.9 to 1.4​

Annual cost savings per line of ~ € 250,000

Increased efficiency thanks to 55 automated control loops

Practical Insights: Universal Machine Connector (UMC)

We know how. That's why we use our UMC technology extensively in our own Bosch production facilities around the world. This allows us to connect active systems with different control systems very easily and without PLC programming. We plan to roll out about 2,500 instances worldwide by 2025. The benefits are obvious:

Direct connection of systems from different suppliers without PLC programming

Systematic OEE Improvement

Enabler for further analyses and optimizations based on data evaluation