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Mouth-nose protection

Production line for the manufacture of medical masks - a cooperation with our industry partner Bosch Rexroth AG

mouth nose protection mask production line

New challenges – protection of others

The corona crisis causes new challenges for many economies. Current legal decisions require private individuals, and especially employees in craft, trade and industry, to wear suitable mouth-nose protection. Having a duty of care, entrepreneurs are obliged to provide this protection at work. With over 40 million employees even in Germany, this is a major task.

Bosch is responding to coronavirus by developing technology. We are contributing our innovative strength and extensive manufacturing expertise.

Rolf Najork, Bosch management board member responsible for the business sector Industrial Technology

Fully automated production of medical masks for mouth and nose protection

Respiratory masks - along with other hygiene measures - are a suitable means to reduce the risk of new infections with COVID-19. That is why we developed a fully automated system for the production of medical masks within a few weeks. The production line is currently being constructed identically in several Bosch locations worldwide, with the aim of producing more than half a million so-called mouth-nose protection masks of type I / II in accordance with the European standard DIN EN 14683 per day.

Bosch  Manufaczturing Solutions Services

Our services for you

If required, we will be happy to advise companies on the design and construction of their own systems for respiratory masks or deliver finished systems to you.

In addition, Bosch gives other companies free access to the construction plans of the systems, technical drawings and assembly instructions, and gives an insight into the packaging system and distribution of the masks.

The production line in detail – manufacture of medical masks

To manufacture medical masks similar to DIN EN ISO 14683, a three-layer fabric structure is built up and welded, often consisting of polypropylene spunbond and meltblown. A nasal bow wire is usually inserted into these and elastic bands are attached for attachment to the ear. Such masks can be manufactured with our production line.

Mouth Nose Production Line Bosch Manufacturing Solutions
Bosch Manufacturing Solutions mask production line

For the actual production of the masks, three different material layers of rolls with suitable drives and motors from the Bosch Rexroth product range are automatically drawn into the machine, folded, welded and cut, i.e. separated. A metal strip is also fed and inserted in the first machine stations so that the mask can be snuggled up to the nose later on. Two further stations take over the feeding and welding of the elastic ear rubbers. The finished masks are output in stacked packages, whereby the stack height can be set a variable number of pieces. Connection to a further packaging unit is possible.

Production line in detail – technical data

Project reference
Dimensions (L x W x H)
without control cabinets
Around 8.000 x 2.500 x 2.200 mm
3 / N / PE AC 400/230 V 50 Hz
Connected load per station (3 stations)
In: 15 A / max. permissible short-circuit current 10 kA fuse 32 A gG
Compressed air
Min. 5 bar
Stations: 2,500 kg
Control cabinets: 1,300 kg
Cycle time
100-120 parts / minute
Delivery time
Around 14 weeks

Packaging and other infrastructure components

With our system you can produce up to 120 masks per minute. By default, the mask stacks are removed manually. An automated packaging facility is optionally available from our partner Bosch Rexroth, which is recommended from an economic point of view. Further necessary infrastructure, such as a clean room, can also be requested from our industrial partner Bosch Rexroth.