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Water purification for electrolysis

Industrial & dessert areas as well as offshore regions

Bosch Manufacturing Solutions BMG Water Purification for electrolysis

Water purification enables green hydrogen production anywhere

When producing green hydrogen, electrolysis systems require high-purity water. Impurities in the water can disable electrolysers in a very short time. A water purification system is required. This is valid regardless of the place of use; even valuable drinking water must first be treated to high-purity water before the electrolysis process. Often, electrolysis for the production of green hydrogen is carried out in remote regions where renewable energies (wind/sun) are easily available.

Bosch Manufacturing Solutions BMG Water Purification

We are expanding our business to include technology for water purification. In addition to systems using the usual water treatment method of reverse osmosis, we plan to offer new solutions specifically engineered for remote areas and offshore locations.

Wolfgang Schleifenbaum, Head of the hydrogen business unit at Bosch Manufacturing Solutions

Functionality of water purification systems

Bosch Manufacturing Solutions BMG Water Purification
Water purification system

To perform electrolysis in remote areas, we offer a water purification device that uses thermal and electrochemical processes to remove constituents such as salts or metals from the water to obtain high-purity water.

An energy-efficient distillation technology, mechanical vapor compression distillation (MVCD), is used as the first treatment step. This process is followed by electro-deionization (EDI), where an electric field removes remaining ions from the distillate. With this water purification system newly developed for application in remote areas, it is possible to completely dispense with the use of filter media and chemicals. The product water of the plant meets the demanding purity requirements of all electrolyzer technologies.

For electrolysis in industrialized locations, where we can rely on a good infrastructure, Bosch offers proven reverse osmosis combined with ion exchangers to fulfill the function of producing the high-purity water required for electrolyzers from tap water.


Water purification for a sustainable future

Our technologies also help maintain valuable drinking water reserves. Furthermore, they are particularly efficient, reducing the feedwater required for producing water for the electrolysis process by up to one-third compared to common solutions on the market. In addition to producing water for electrolysis, the special-purpose systems can also be adapted to produce drinking water. In areas where drinking water is scarce, we can use our technology to help improve the supply.


Bosch Manufacturing Solutions BMG Water Purification Datasheet

Water purification

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