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How future production looks like – The modular production system

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Convertible automation solutions for the optimized & intelligent production

In an increasingly dynamic world (VUCA-World), new requirements arise for the factory of the future – faster, more flexible, more efficient. The answer are modular and adaptable manufacturing systems.

This is one of our focal points at Bosch Manufacturing Solutions: convertible, flexibly combinable and expandable automation solutions for the factory of the future.

User-optimized platforms with standardized hardware and software interfaces for various mechanical and electronic elements as well as intelligent controls form the basis.

A wide variety of process modules for a wide range of products can be integrated on this basic platform – from assembly, joining and handling processes to complex testing processes and high-precision machining as well as intelligent control processes.

In terms of their degree of automation, the modular manufacturing systems can be scaled from manual workstations with automation support to collaborative concepts for safe human-machine interaction and fully automated solutions.

One level of automation, for example, can be achieved directly by integrating robotics and intelligent image processing - our modular manufacturing system shows you how!

Another important component of the factory of the future are intelligent autonomous transport systems – the so-called "Automated Guided Vehicle" (AGV) – with the help of which the internal flow of materials and goods can be automated and manufacturing systems can be loaded and unloaded autonomously. Get to know our "ActiveLoader".

A wide range of services complements the manufacturing systems.

The focus here is on error analysis to avoid downtimes, reducing start-up times, and increasing efficiency through individual system optimization – Bosch Manufacturing Solutions is at your side as a full-service LifeCycle solution provider.


Modular system: can be flexibly combined and expanded

Basic platform with standardized hardware and software interfaces for mechatronic objects and higher-level control system

Scalable: from manual workstation to automated solution

Collaborative applications possible

Multiple products on one system

Various process modules can be integrated: image processing / surface inspection, joining processes, etc.

Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Modular Production System MPS Assembly and Automation Solutions

Benefits at a glance

Reduction of new equipment investments and production costs through cost-efficient production of different variants with the same system

Reduction of costs with increasing process and resource efficiency due to standardized interfaces

Model Factory Ulm

Welcome to the factory of the future

Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Factory of the Future Modular Production System

We show you how future production looks like! Visit the new model factory at the Customer and Innovation Center in Ulm and get to know the solutions, products and visions of Bosch's industrial sector.