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Fully automated production of subcomponents of the traction converter

Traction converter

With the development of urbanization and expanding of city scale, transportation system is getting much more pressured. Railway transportation, with its fast speed, large capacity and environment friendly features, developed rapidly and had become one of the most preferred means of transportation nowadays. Aiming to set new standards in the railroad industry, this project was strategically launched in response to the "Made in China 2025" requirement.


The products manufactured by our assembly line are the sub-components of the traction converter, which is one of the key components of the train and is installed at the bottom of the train car. The main function of the traction inverter is to convert the electric power, which enables starting, braking and speed control of AC traction motors by voltage and frequency modulation. With this project, Bosch Manufacturing Solutions China supports for the first time a customer from the railroad industry, which is one of the leading companies in its sector and the world's largest supplier of railroad equipment.

Where previously all parts were manufactured manually on workbenches, in the future they will be produced automatically on a single line. The challenge lies primarily in the wide range of product types and the associated product diversity of more than 170 types. They are all manufactured in small batches, which requires high flexibility of the production line. To be able to realize the transition from manual production to automated production, Bosch Manufacturing Solutions China has creatively combined the technical challenges with its advanced technology and manufacturing know-how: with the help of customized visual recognition and visual guidance system, the production line can precisely identify and recognize the material, accurately position the assembly station, and automatically adjust the position difference. This enables the precise assembly of more than 170 different product types.

This line is the first fully automated production line built to manufacture these parts. It has significantly increased productivity and drastically reduced labor costs. At the same time, this line is equipped with I4.0 functions to support the customer's digital transformation. In addition, sufficient space and interfaces are available to meet the customer's subsequent product upgrade needs. The level of automation in the entire line has also been greatly improved.

Bosch offers not only innovative technologies to meet customer production requirement, but also rich experience in lean line design to support the re-structure of customer’s value stream. With analysis and re-layout of the original production line according to the work flow, Bosch Manufacturing Solutions will do re-design and output the optimized production line layout to ensure the maximization of customer benefits. To realize “The Difference in Manufacturing”, we are always your most reliable manufacturing solution provider to support your business strategy.

Production line railway industry Bosch
Production line railway industry Bosch
Production line railway industry Bosch

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