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moehwald – a reliable partner for decades

moehwald offers high-precision measurement technologies for fluids and gases, as well as components for alternative drives. The most successful automotive companies around the globe rely on our technologies in their development, production and quality control of drive systems and components. With affiliation to Bosch Manufacturing Solutions , we are additionally able to draw on the latest technological developments and cumulative knowledge of the Bosch group. Our many years of close cooperation with renowned OEMs partners around the world helps us recognize and utilize improvement potentials. Valuable experience from the practical use of our technologies is thus brought to bear on every new plant generation.

moehwald Olaf Herrmann

The transformation in mobility for alternative power train systems and ecofriendly energy supply systems is fully in progress. Let’s tackle the future testing technology challenges together

Olaf Herrmann, Managing Director moehwald

News and highlights around moehwald

Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Fuel Cell Equipment

Endurance testing of fuel cell power modules (FCPM)

Life Time Container for Fuel Cells

The "Life Time Container", which is used for endurance testing of Fuel Cell Power Modules (FCPM), can be used to test FCPM systems, which are used as H2 engines for commercial vehicles, under real driving conditions using hydrogen. The systems are monitored and controlled using web-based software. The EX-protection safety per test cell and for the whole container is realized by a self-developed concept and monitored by safety PLC. Up to 4 FCPM systems with up to 200kW can be tested independently with the help of the container and set up and operated outside of building infrastructure in combination with a hydrogen and cooling supply.The FCPMs produce during operation electrical energy as well as the deionized water.Both can be feed in the available customer infrastructure.

Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Fuel Cell Equipment
Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Electrical Drive

Making hydrogen technology fit for the future

An Alliance for Hydrogen

Besides the city of Homburg and the companies Bosch and Moehwald also the institute for future energy and mass flow systems “izes”, Wegener Härtetechnik GmbH and Michelin as well as the public services Homburg and saaris, Saarland innovation&standort e.V. belong to the “hydrogen initiative Homburg”.

In summer 2021 Ammar Alkassar, the authorized representative of Saarland for innovation and strategy welcomed on the premises of company Moehwald the innovation delegate “green hydrogen” of the Federal Ministry of Research Mr. Stefan Kaufmann to advertise for subsidies to support the Homburg hydrogen strategies (e.g. hydrogen filling station).

Under the lead of the city of Homburg and the innovation agency of Saarland saaris the industry site Homburg should be designed future-proof on the basis of hydrogen technology.

Moehwald collaborates closely on the hydrogen strategy of Homburg and Saarland.

Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Electrical Drive
Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Electro Mobility Fuel Cell

Measuring Devices in the Gas and Fuel Cell Area

Measuring Devices in the Gas and Fuel Cell Area

The volatile development in the field of combustion engine as well as the growing significance of the fuel cell technology make new demands on the measuring systems needed to characterize the systems.

The well known measuring device HDA to analyse injection quantity at injection systems was extended with a measuring device for gaseous media, the so called GDA. It makes it possible to characterize in detail and reliable gas injectors analog to the HDA.

Also in the fuel cell area we are in the development of an analyzer which enables to record many measuring values around the fuel cell and with them to carry out product-, process- and quality improvements and – assurance.

Bosch Manufacturing Solutions Electro Mobility
Humans and the environment
moehwald green environment

moehwald – always on the move

The protection of nature and the economical use of fossil energy sources are issues which are just as important for us today as mobility and flexibility. These challenges are being tackled by the automotive industry and its suppliers. The solution lies in the development of more efficient and environmentally friendly drive technology.

Due to the ever shorter development and product cycles, companies in the automotive sector need to rely on a partner to help them to achieve these goals. Moehwald’s modern testing technology and production facilities make a decisive contribution in this respect: Their use in research, production and quality assurance is helping to harmonise the desire for increased mobility and the protection of the environment.

Our success: Satisfied customers

Around the globe, well-known industrial companies, car manufacturers and automotive suppliers rely on our testing technology. The following top companies in the industrial sector rely on Moehwald for their quality control and to improve their products.

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Our values

Our values reflect the attitude with which we conduct business: Our ethics in dealing with our business partners, investors, employees and society.

Future and result focus

Openness and trust

Responsibility and sustainability


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Our expertise: Experience

For decades, moehwald has been a technology leader and a highly valued partner worldwide in the field of testing technology. With the change in the automotive industry from combustion engines to alternative drives, the moehwald product portfolio has also changed. Since 2017, we have been sustainably expanding testing technology for fuel cells and have built up new technical competencies in all areas. Thanks to the cooperation with our partner MS2 and the acquisition of new, highly qualified employees as well as training and education in the ongoing project business, we will continue to be at your side as a reliable and competent partner in the field of testing technology in the future. Let us master the challenges of the future together.

Moehwald Measurement and Testing Technology
Your start at moehwald
moehwald job offers

moehwald job offers

moehwald offers interesting work in an international environment. As a supplier of high-tech solutions of testing and measurement technology, we rely on motivated and outstandingly trained employees. In return, we offer work on projects for well-known companies around the globe, and career entry into one of the most exciting market segments.

Become a part of our success story by sending us your application.