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Testing Technology for Fuel Cells

Testing Technologies for Fuel Cells Bosch Manufacturing Solutions

moehwald - Your partner in the areas of PEMFC & SOFC

PEM Fuel Cell (Proton Exchange Membran)

PEMFC Testing Technology

PEMFC Testing Technology

For manufacturers as well as for users of PEM (Proton Exchange Membran) Fuel Cells moehwald offers testing solutions for:

  • PEM Fuel Cell stacks (short- and full-stacks in various power ranges from 5kW up to > 160 kW)
  • PEM Fuel Cell systems in different designs and power ranges (from 30kW up to >300 kW, single system up to triple-box systems)

moehwald provides reliable and high accurate testing technology for function control and development/application of the complete PEM Fuel Cell system including control device and additional components (BoP components) as well as of pure fuel cell stacks under variable operating conditions and different test requirements.

The test benches can be designed based on our standard portfolio for special requirements in the development area, for end-of-line tests or for endurance tests. Special operation alternatives as frost start, recirculation mode, high dynamic humidification oft he process gases and flexible test sequences as well as solutions for quick clamping make our portfolio complete.

Before delivery all test benches are operated under real conditions with hydrogen in our in-house test field.

Special request by the customer regarding test requirements could be individually be implemented in close coordination with the customer.

PEM Fuel Cell (Proton Exchange Membran)
SOFC Testing Technology (Solid Oxid Fuel Cell)

SOFC Testing Technology

SOFC Testing Technology

moehwald offers testing solutions for development and production of SOFC (Solid Oxid Fuel Cell) cell stacks.

Our full stack and short stack test benches are designed for function tests and validation of the short stacks and the complete stacks with real gaseous mixtures.

With it multiple mix options with high accurate massflow controllers for N2, H2, CO2, CO, H2O, CH4 and natural gas at temperature up to 700°C are possible.

By integrated combustion gas- and air preheaters as well as reliable humidifier solutions the chemical and thermal system environment for the stack is optimally simulated.

Additional features of the test benches are:

  • Programmable sequence software for fully automatic, unattended operation including safety functions for operator and stack.
  • Dashboard solution to monitor and evaluate the test results In-house developed „hotbox“ for the temperature adjustments and the gaseous mixture preparation including reforming process.
  • Mono or bidirectional load, high accurate cell voltage measurement, solutions for integration of gas analysis and customer data base.

The test benches can be used for validation in development or endurance work as well as for the end of line tests in the production.

Before delivery all test benches are going through extensive hot tests with real gaseous mixtures in our in-house test field. Special request by the customer regarding function upgrades could be individually be implemented in close coordination with the customer.

SOFC Testing Technology
Fuel Cell Analyzer

Fuel Cell Analyzer

Fuel Cell Analyzer

Funded by the Saar Central Technology Program of the Saarland state government, moehwald is working on the development of an integrated measurement system for fuel cells.

In the development and production of fuel cells, a large number of measured variables are recorded and used for product and process optimization as well as quality criteria.

In the course of the advancing industrialization of fuel cells, an integrated measurement system is needed that makes it easy to record, process and evaluate the sometimes very different measured variables and, if necessary, can also intervene in the control of the fuel cell system to optimize processes.

The fuel cell analyzer developed by Moehwald meets these requirements and fits perfectly into the strategic shift to focus on hydrogen in the economy.

The project is funded by the Saarland and the European Union in the "European Regional Development Fund" (ERDF).

Fuel Cell Analyzer