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Tool Coating Systems

Improved lifespan for your tools

Tool Coating Bosch Manufacturing Solutions

High productivity, reliable quality

In addition to component coating, innovative surfaces for tools have been one of our core competencies over the last few decades. Together with our cooperation partner Tronic Concept, we have developed the TCS line - best-in-class solutions to extend the service life of your tools and molds. Through competitive costs, we help our customers to conquer new markets and to secure both productivity and quality in the long term.

Developed for your needs – cutting-edge technology from Bosch

Our tool coating systems enable the coating of a wide variety of tools for all applications (machining, forming, bonding, punching). Based on DC-Arc and sputtering technology, the TCS series meets the most diverse requirements of tool customers with the help of its multifunctional coating portfolio, while at the same time minimizing set-up costs and maximizing productivity. For forming tools, our coating systems also offer the possibility of plasma initiation before the coating process, which can significantly extend the service life of tools.

Tool Coating Systems Bosch Manufacturing Solutions


Compact and flexible

The TCS Compact combines innovative technology with a wide range of applications. Despite the compact dimensions, all common tool coatings can be implemented without any problems. Contact us for more information

Tool Coating Systems Bosch Manufacturing Solutions


Performance with all possibilities

The TCS Performance enables highly flexible production through short batch times and batch sizes in the standard range of up to approx. 1000 kg. Due to the scalability through several systems, it enables flexible production control even with changing customer requirements. The optimal solution for your contract manufacturing. Contact us for more information

Tool Coating Systems Bosch Manufacturing Solutions


A plus in capacity

With a TCS Plus system, you can also easily produce components with a coating length of more than 1000 mm. This is also possible in combination with our duplex process (plasma nitriding), for example for forming technology. The large coating chamber also enables highly efficient series production for large batches in the same layer system. Contact us for more information

Tool Coating Systems Bosch Manufacturing Solutions


Xtra large capacity, Xtra large portions

The TCS Xtra system enables the coating of components with large dimensions as well as an extra large number of parts per batch. Large forming tools or components or small parts in large quantities - here we have the optimal solution. Contact us for more information

Tool Coating Systems Bosch Manufacturing Solutions

TCS Carbon

Highest performance for complex applications

The TCS Carbon is designed for complex applications and, thanks to its pulsed arc source for high-rate deposition of insulating layers, especially for the production of ta-C layers in large-scale production. Thanks to the HIPIMS cathodes, it is also suitable for coating complex geometries and depositing very smooth layers. Efficient MW plasma sources also enable etching and pre-treatment, thus ensuring both very good surface cleaning and perfect adhesion for subsequent coatings.Contact us for more information

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