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Bosch Manufacturing Solutions

Coating Consulting

We find your solution

Bosch is one of the leading suppliers for coatings in the industrial and automotive sectors. Our goal at Bosch is to deliver the best possible quality at each and every time. Consequently our experts advise you independently of any specific coating method. In this way you can be sure that you get an optimal solution. As well as taking your requirements for the coating system into account we can also customize this solution to suit your individual needs. We are familiar with the industrial requirements and process chains and can therefore integrate the coating process ideally into your entire production process. We always take new developments new materials technologies and applications into account to find the best most efficient and sustainable coating solution for you. In doing so we count on a fair and trusting cooperation with you our customer. Corrosion protection chemical resistance Wear resistant coating Wear resistant against impact friction coefficient Insulation thermal conductivity coating job coating tribology functional coating tool coating super hard thin-film DLC Diamond like carbon WC tungsten carbide chemical vapor deposition physical vapor deposition diamond coating ceramic coating Elektroplating Degreasing Anodizing Eloxal Electropolishing Chemical deburring Copper Chromium Hardchrome Silver Zinc Zinc-Nickel Tin Platinium Manganese phosphate Zinc phosphate Black finishing Silane layers Thermal spraying Thermal spray coating Suspension thermal spraying Ceramic coatings Aluminium-titanium-oxide Hastelloy Chromium carbide Tool coating

One idea is enough

Of course, you can approach us if you already have a clear idea of which coating you would like. But you don't need to bring this. Even with an initial idea, you've come to the right place. Together with you, we will consider how it can be implemented. And not only in such a way that your product is optimally coated, but that your production process is efficiently designed.

Highest quality, integrated processes: With us you get more than just the right surface

Coating Consulting

Focus on broad expert knowledge and cost-effectiveness

We can provide advise along the entire value stream:

Thanks to our own research and production, we can support you in all areas of surface technology.

No matter whether you are developing a new product, want to optimize your current production or are looking for a quick and sustainable solution to a complaint - we are a strategic partner at your side.

Process-independent consulting - Always up-to-date

We are looking for the best coating solution technologically and economically for you.

Thanks to intensive cooperation with universities and research institutes, we are always informed about the latest developments in the field of surface technology.

We pass this knowledge on to you.