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Battery Module Production Line

Webasto relies on Bosch production technology

Batteries are a key technology of the future: they are used in almost all electronic devices - cell phones, laptops, cordless screwdrivers, kitchen appliances, etc. They are a decisive factor for electromobility: Without batteries, the electrification of transport is unthinkable. Demand is rising worldwide. Bosch Manufacturing Solutions has pooled its expertise in mechanical engineering and now offers companies factory equipment for battery production from a single source - from individual components and software solutions to complete assembly lines.

Webasto relies on Bosch Manufacturing Solutions production technology

Webasto is one of the pioneers in the production of battery packs. The company has been involved in the field of electromobility since 2016 and, in addition to high-voltage heaters and charging solutions, is also focusing on battery systems for electrified vehicles. Battery production at the German plant in Schierling is the blueprint for new production facilities, for example in Dangjin, Korea. Bosch supplies automated assembly lines for welding and gluing the battery cells.

For this purpose, the various functions of module production are combined: from cell cleaning with incoming inspection, the stacking process and a special laser welding process to end-of-line inspection for quality assurance. The need for continuous cleanliness places special demands on the line design. It is ensured that there is no particle contamination at any time after cleaning. The subsequent packing process combines human know-how with automated robot handling in a two-stage joining process consisting of dispensing technology and laser welding to build up the cell stack. Thanks to a comprehensive safety concept, it is then possible to make the electrical connections of the sensitive battery cells with the aid of another laser welding process. This safety concept combines the specifics of a robust laser process in combination with automation technology, both mechanically and on the software side.

Many years of manufacturing expertise from a single source